You'd wish you had it sooner...

Welcome the last can opener you’ll ever need: the Kitchen Mama Automatic Can Opener.
Clunky mechanical can openers just won’t cut it (pun intended) after you pick up one of these.

Turning those can be hard, annoying, and even painful work. We’re here to make the experience as easy as just pushing a button.

  • No more hand pain from mechanical can openers
  • No more cuts from sharp edges.
  • No more frustration from stubborn cans!

No matter what your recipe is, you’ll have to open a can sometime. Why trouble yourself over your old-school mechanical can opener? Now, you can just latch the Kitchen Mama Automatic Opener onto the can, press a button, and pop that top right off!

Warning! Owning a Kitchen Mama can opener will turn can opening from a nightmare into a “secret obsession.”

Yes, we have received numerous complaints from customers saying… they actually get “enjoyments” from watching our can openers in actions…

Join us and make opening your new found hobby!