Of course, help comes to those who help themselves! I brought the family together and we started throwing ideas on how to make cooking easier for me.

The longer we took, the wilder the ideas became. Automatic can openers, “ergonomic” cutting boards, and so much more-- mama was overwhelmed by these Star Trek tools!

It was fun, but in our hearts, we knew that these were just ideas. Until it wasn’t.

My son’s girlfriend put us in touch with a team of designers that were willing to turn our ideas into reality. We also got in touch with a manufacturer that was excited to work with us.
Everything was comin’ up Ola!

The designers, manufacturer, and my family started working non-stop into prototyping our weird sci-fi cooking ideas. Lots of hours and effort were put into developing our products. Soon enough, we had 200 of our first product, the automatic can opener, rolling down the assembly line.

The Kitchen Mama Automatic Can Opener is a real marvel. I just put it against a can and press a button, and it does everything on its own. It’s so easy!